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Joined: 30 Apr 2017
Posts: 11
Location: North Ayrshire, Scotland

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:52 pm    Post subject: Dénouement  Reply with quote

*I wrote this a few years back, when I was at school, so excuse the questionable quality. Although, I do appreciate the subject matter*


Six million is the figure
That will never be forgot
Nothing can compare
To the pain and suffering you fought

One night they came
They came to capture you
Their only reasoning
Was that you were a Jew

Five minutes they allow
For you to hastily leave
You gather what you can carry
You are no longer free

You pack your clothes
Your books and your food
You take your Torah
Out the box of wood

Your case you grab
They push you out
What would happen
You would soon find out

Removed from your home
You panic and sweat
You want to turn back
Now is the only chance you get

As you plan in your head
Of your daring escape
You see a gun in a holster
It’s a risk you can’t take

They walk you down the stairs
Time slows down in your head
Each step is a marathon
Each flight is a silent death

Four more flights
And each everlasting stair
You arrive at the bottom
You give a blank stare

“Out on the road”
A young soldier proclaims
Endless, terrifying possibilities
Rush around in your brain

On the streets you stand
With your father and friends
Who could have predicted
That this was the end?

They call some names
And yours is said
“To the front!”, he shouts
He points a gun to your head

Fearfully, you rush
You get to the line
“Don’t worry”, you think
“Everything will be just fine.”

You’re now in the line
And his gun is down
A relieved sigh, you make
Relieved, but with a frown

Eternal minutes later
Six cars quickly arrive
They screech their orders
You clamber inside

You’re inside the car
You don’t understand why
These men terrify you
You’re going to die?

You realise this now
But how will they do it?
Unable to piece together
You decide to sit

You decide to sit
You prepare to die
BANG! A shot is fired
An older man cries

Cries not like a baby
But a banshee in pain
You take nothing of it
Until he screams your name

You quickly turn around
To see who weeps
But the crying has stopped
Forever, he will sleep

Gulping, you take a closer look
And are shocked at who died
Your father is on the ground
“Pa”, you whisper, “Goodbye”

The engine roars to a start
And the car begins to leave
Head, buried in your hands
You begin to grieve

Drained, you try to sleep
So you close your heavy eyes
“Out!” You are rudely awoken
Where have you arrived?

You hear a whistle
It is followed by a voice
“Get on the train now!”
You didn’t have a choice

Last to board, you climb in
It is against your will
Don’t bother to resist
For, you see, they will kill

There are no seats
For this behemoth is for cattle
The door is slammed shut
You’ve lost this biased battle

One hundred are crammed
Into a small carriage
Pressed against each other
In this unholy marriage

For six days and six nights
The train travels with haste
You catch a smell in the corner
It’s a bucket filled with waste

Day one wasn’t bad
It was macabre but soothing
You got to know some people
Also fighting a battle…Losing

Day two is the same
Only darker and longer
No light and no water
But that smell is stronger

Day three and you’re exhausted
You’re weak and you’re sick
Already, some have passed on
Are you going to be next?

Day four is even worse
The bucket has been spilled
Flowing over the floor
Like the blood of those killed

Day five and you’re idle
You haven’t had any rest
You doubt that God exists
He wouldn’t allow this mess

Day six and you give up
You don’t know what to do
Everything is over
Everything is through

Right as you lose all hope
The train grinds to a halt
I wish for you to stop crying
This is not at all your fault

As the doors slowly open
You are overwhelmed by sun
The smell in the distance
Is something being burned

They herd you from the train
Up to a large, metal gate
Your heart fills with sorrow
A pounding, tearful weight

Now you are in Hell
With a sharply dressed man
He has a charming smile
He is deceptively calm

The calmness doesn’t last
His voice fills you with fear
“Women and children here!
The men over here”

Struggling to walk
You follow his command
Instantaneously, you are caught
By a strong, calloused hand

“Not you, stupid man!”
He pulls you to the side
“You’re too weak to go!
Follow in my stride”

He leads you to a group
Filled with weak, dirty men
He opens his mouth again
“You must go with them!”

You go to your group
And are led to the left
Little did you know
That you are being led to death

You walk through a gate
With words written overhead
“Arbeit Macht Frei”
Such a peculiar thing to be said

“Work makes you free”
Why does it say that?
You’re now just a small mouse
Running from a murderous cat

You’re here to be a slave
Such a cruel, cruel thing
Once again, it happens
The heinous voice rings

“Move faster, you filthy Jews!”
Emotionless, you scutter ahead
All you think about is food
You’d eat mould from bread

“Stop here, you degenerates!”
He screams in your faces
He explains that he’s a Nazi…
…“The master of races”…

You’re now at a stone coffin
With a chimney, which is lit
The smell is much stronger
It’s carcasses and shit

“The only way out of here
Is through there, it’s faster
Enjoy your time here
You animalistic bastards”

Terror struck, you let out tears
He walks over, his voice beams
“This Jew is a homosexual!”
He cackles and screams

You dare not mutter
For he will strike
You dare not cower
He has a deadly bite

“Get inside, it’s very warm”
He says sardonically
This is the closing of your life
The not so grand finale…

When you enter the building
Your belongings are snatched
And thrown on a table
With cases, which matched

You are cordoned to a table
With men in striped uniforms
They grab you by the arm
They are scared to not conform

“Sit on this chair…”
One tells you with fright
No resistance, this isn’t right

You are now bald, like the rest
Your identity, they steal
Their numbers on their arms
Prove this is real

You are directed to a room
Which they claim is the shower
This is exactly what you need
There’s kindness in their power

You’re now in a changing room
So you take your clothes off
So many in one shower?
You begin to cough…

Six million is the figure
That will never be forgot
Nothing can compare
To the pain and suffering you fought.
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Joined: 30 Apr 2017
Posts: 11
Location: North Ayrshire, Scotland

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 10:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brian Finch, thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated. I definitely need to revisit this piece...although, the length could somewhat be symbolic for the seemingly never ending struggle at the time. Nonetheless, the word choice is, at times, arguably poor.

In regards to more contemporary repetitions of these travesties, Rwanda, the Middle East and North Korea spring to mind. Tragic and chilling.

Lest we forget but why create something to be remembered? 😊

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